Johann Uebelacker, Ransbach-Baumbach

In 1909, the master tin moulder Johann Uebelacker set up a tin foundry in Ransbach. He later expanded the business into the manufacture of earthenware goods, terracotta products and ornamental glazed ceramics. Following Uebelacker's death in the mid-1950s, the company passed to his three sons. The line of goods included all kinds of ceramic items, both consumer and ornamental. The 1958 catalogue featured 25 different models of vases (excluding wall vases and pitchers) that were available in 66 sizes and 15 designs. Shapes and designs typical of the time were developed and adopted early on; these represented a relatively large share of the total until the 1960s. Technical innovations were implemented very early. As early as 1954, this company achieved the first large-scale production of selenium red glazed objects in Germany. A relatively large portion of the output was exported to Austria and Scandinavia. An investment in Ireland led to financial problems. The main factory in Ransbach-Baumbach went bankrupt at the beginning of 1990.